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Smart lens (trifocal lens) surgery?

Are my eyes suitable for smart lens (trifocal lens) surgery?

Whether it is cataract surgery or to get rid of distant and close glasses after the age of 45-50, the suitability of these multifocal lenses, which have increased in popularity in recent years, has begun to be questioned for every patient.

This type of lens is inevitably a very attractive treatment option because it allows the patient to see both long, medium distance and near regardless of glasses, but for this technology, the patient

– Psychological state

– Anatomical structure of the eye

– The presence of other diseases in the eye and the profession must be appropriate.

Otherwise, we will be faced with an unhappy patient.

Psychologically, if the patient is overly obsessive, perfectionist (perfectionist), and has unrealistic expectations of overly clear vision, these patients should definitely stay away from these types of lenses. Because what these lenses promise is that they offer the patient the opportunity to perform all their vital functions independently of glasses, but there should be no expectation that they will see very clearly from all angles and distances.

As the anatomy of the eye, the optical axis and the gaze axis of the eye should be in close proximity to each other (Kappa angle). As this distance moves away, the patient may experience serious problems after surgery. We can eliminate the inappropriate patient in the first examination by measuring with sensitive biometric devices by the specialist physician.

If there is a particularly severe dryness in the patient’s eye, any disease affecting the yellow spot, advanced glaucoma, and retinopathy due to diabetes has developed, it is not appropriate to apply such lenses to these patients.

Finally, the profession of the patient is important. If the patient often drives at night, and has a profession that requires very fine visual acuity, this type of lens can be disappointing for him.

To summarize, appropriate patient selection should be the most important criterion in terms of patient satisfaction and the specialist physician should make the necessary tests meticulously in this regard and discourage this love from the beginning to the inappropriate patients.

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