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Op. Dr.

Who is Fersat Muhacir?

Dr. Ferşat Muhacir, Fellow of European Board of Ophthalmology (FEBO).

Dr. Ferşat Muhacir was born in Tehran, Iran on April 14, 1967. After completing his primary and secondary education in Ankara, he entered Çukurova University Faculty of Medicine in 1986 and graduated in 1992. In 1993, he started to work as a resident tin 19 Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine Eye Clinic, and after studying at Gazi University Eye Clinic for 6 months in 1996, he received his Eye Diseases and surgery Specialty in 1997.

After his residency, he went to the United States and was an observer at UCSF (University of California San Francisco). In 1998, after working as a specialist in Burdur SSK hospital for a short time, he was appointed as an Ophthalmologist at Bucak State Hospital. In 2002, he went to the Netherlands and Austria and had the opportunity to work on modern cataract surgery.

Dr. Ferşat Muhacir, Fellow of European Board of Ophthalmology (FEBO).

Op. Dr. Ferşat Muhacir


Ophthalmologist (Eye Specialist)

In July 2006, he worked as a full-time ophthalmologist at the Private Lider Hospital, where he co-founded it, until October 2009. Between November 2009 and April 2010, he worked at the Private Anamas Şelale Medical Center in Antalya and for a short time between May and June 2010 at the Private BSK Lara Hospital. Dr. Ferşat Muhacir worked in PRIVATE ANTALYA ANATOLIAN HOSPITAL EYE CLINIC for a total of 10 years between 2010 and 2020. Since July 1, 2020, he continues to serve its patients by opening its own private eye clinic in Antalya. Dr. Ferşat Muhacir successfully passed the “International Council of Ophthlamology, Clinical Assessment” ICO (International Council of Ophthlamology, Clinical Assessment) exam in April 2009. On May eight and 9, 2009, he successfully passed the European Ophthalmology (Ophthalmology) Proficiency oral and written exams held in Paris and was awarded the European Union Diploma of Ophthalmology and FEBO (Fellow of European Board of Ophthalmology). Dr. Ferşat Muhacir with more than 12000 cases, has an extensive experience in refractive cataract and clear lens surgery, with trifocal (smart lens that shows far, near and middle distance), EDOF (Extended Depth of Focus) and toric (astigmatism correcting intraocular lens)intraocular lenses , Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty, Xen stent and other surgical treatment methods of glaucoma, Grafted pterygium (meat ploughing) and other anterior segment surgeries, and medical retinal diseases (Diabetic retinopathy, Age-related yellow spot macular disease, retinal vascular occlusions, etc.) He is a member of Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Ophthalmology Association, European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons and American Academy of Ophthalmology. He is fluent in Turkish, Farsi and English, He is married and has two children.

Special Interests and Fields of Work

Trifocal (Smart), EDOF and Toric (Astigmatism Correcting) Intraocular Lenses

The most up-to-date method of getting rid of far, near and astigmatism glasses

Refractive vision poblems in Children and Their Treatment

Vision Defects in Children and Their Treatment


Cataracts are the most common cause of decreased vision and are treated with surgery.

Laser Treatment in Eye Pressure (SLT)

Can replace eye drops or surgical procedures, It takes a short time, is painless and has no serious side effects.

Xen Stent Application in Eye Pressure Treatment

A current and effective intervention that can replace large incision glaucoma surgery

AutoGraft Treatment for Pterygium

With competent hands and a good surgery, it is possible to achieve a lifetime of comfort without recurrance.

Diabetes related eye diseases

Diagnosis and treatment at the “EARLY” stage is very important to prevent eye problems due to diabetes.

Intraocular Needle Application (Intravitreal Injection)

It is the most current treatment method of age-related yellow spot disease and macular edema.

Age-Related Yellow Spot Disease (Macular Degeneration)

In the wet type, the treatment is intraocular drug injection, while in the dry type, there is still no effective treatment.

Göz Kuruluğu için Işık Modülasyonu + IPL Tedavisi

Kuru Göz Hastalığının tedavisinde en yeni yöntem; Işık Modülasyonu + IPL